People today are in a constant state of information overload. Millennials grew up with digital media, but anyone even a little older can remember when cable TV had no ads. That was one of the hooks used to get people to pay for TV, which had always been free. Of course, that situation didn’t last. People still have to pay, but there are now channels that run nothing but infomercials.

It didn’t take long before people developed ad-blindness. The same progression happened with internet ads. It takes a lot now to get someone’s attention. Marketing and branding need to move to the next level in order to be noticed at all.

Experiential Marketing IS the Next Level

What Is Experiential Marketing? In a sense, the great-great-granddaddy of experiential marketing was a traveling peddler who went from town to town with his horse and wagon and a supply of goods to sell. When he reached a new town, he would set up his wagon and have some sort of spiel and show to intrigue people, drawing them into the experience he was creating so that they would buy his wares.

Experiential marketing is personal marketing, creating an event and experience that directly involves consumers in the brand. Instead of another forgettable digital campaign, experiential marketing is directly experienced, talked about and written about. It has the potential to go viral when people are intrigued enough to share it repeatedly. When done well, creatively and professionally, a substantial amount of free publicity can be generated.

Experiential Marketing, Pat Gavin and Mr. Hitchcock

Michelle Levine, the CEO of Roy Morgan, is passionate about the arts and wanted to bring award-winning artist Pat Gavin and his collection “Welcome to Hollywood Mr. Hitchcock” to her private gallery in Australia. The goal was to present the artist and his works as memorably as possible, driving sales and brand activation. She definitely didn’t want another “ho-hum” event with cheap champagne and tired appetizers.

Participants were drawn into an unforgettable Hitchcock experience, complete with a sky-full of birds and the Psycho shower scene; people snacked on shower drain meringues splattered with raspberry coulis blood and lamb cigars. Visitors were drawn into one event after another, creating an unforgettable overall experience. Ultimately, this innovative guerilla marketing extravaganza was extremely cost-effective, generating more than $80,000 in advertising and PR for a relatively modest investment. While the original paintings remain on display and were not for sale, over $100,000 worth of prints were sold.

It’s worth taking the time to find an agency who really knows event designer if you want to create an indelible memory for your brand. The Hitchcock event was only one of the many successful projects completed by Engage at Disegno, masters of event production and brand activation. If you want to bring your next campaign to life, visit their website or contact them in Southbank VIC at +61 3 9674 0825+61 3 9674 0825.

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